Green Fondant Birthday Cake

A cake I made last weekend for one of our friend's birthday party. The birthday is actually on July 15th, but we want to make it as a surprise, hehehe... so we celebrate it 2 days early.

I wasn't planning to make anything at first but changed my mind on last minute (as usual) after a thoughtful consideration :). I was planning to make Charlotte au Poire (Pear Charlotte) since I just bought a bottle of pear eau de vie (pear clear brandy) and I also thought it's only appropriate to make this light and refreshing fruit dessert/cake in this beautiful (and hot) summer weather. But unfortunately, I didn't have the ingredients. Besides, although it sounds simple, but it's actually quite labor intensive. So I decided to make a cake that I'm familiar with so that I don't have to go back and forth reading the recipe.

So, made this 2 tier birthday cake, 8 and 6 in. Bottom tier is Indonesian classic sponge cake and the top tier is choc. sponge cake brushed with rum and kahlua, with 2 layers of rum pastry cream. The cake is then covered with chocolate buttercream. I decided to play with fondant again with a theme of green. I was tempted to put flowers on the cake for a couple of times, but I keep holding it back and remember that it's a cake for a guy! Didn't know what design I was going to make, so I decided to make a fun cake and play around with texture and shape and here's the result. It was still far from smooth of course. I had a veryyy limited time making it, and I have to sacrifice my sleep hour to make this cake :P (which resulted in flu I'm having right now).

Overall, I think it's pretty cute and not too girly too. I used to hate polkadots, whether it's for a dress/shirt or for a cake. But I give it another chance this time by combining with other pattern and I think I'm starting to accept it :)


Anonymous said...

Wow keren abis ;) Salam kenal!

Bertha said...

Thank youu...salam kenal jg :)

ice tea: sugar high said...

How Lovely! I know what you mean.. it's always hard decorating for guys. Girls are so much easier and definitely more fun =)