Princess Cake

This is a birthday cake I made for my brother three days ago. I made this cake once before in pink last year, but it was the first time making it. So, I just want to perfect it this time.

As you probably know, this is a Swedish princess cake, not the usual princess cake with Barbie and stuff. I think it was named Princess Cake because it was first served to a princess in Sweden. It has three layers of very soft sponge cakes, with three layers of filling. The bottom filling is raspberry jam, second is creamy pastry cream, and lastly, it is covered with whipped cream on the sides and to form the dome on top. Then, the green marzipan is laid on the whole cake. Basically, you get everything in one cake.

Usually, it is decorated with a flower on top, but all I have in the garden is some mini roses, so I just combined three of them and I think it looks nice too. I don't really like the green color though. I wanted it to be softer, but it can't since marzipan is made out of almonds and sugar, the natural color is light brown (not ivory). This is what I get after I mixed it with a little light green color. Maybe next time, I'll mix the marzipan with a little white fondant to get a lighter color.

Traditional Princess Cake doesn't have marzipan leafs as decoration though. I was going to put a ribbon around the bottom, but I don't have a matching color. All I have is blue, wide white ribbon, and very small assorted color ribbon. So I decided to cover the bottom with the leftover marzipan and shape it into leaves. I think it looks pretty neat too :).


Cindy said...

i looove marzipan be it white green or pink!! *colek dikit kue nya bertha* hihihi

Bertha said...

take all you want :)

Unknown said...

this is my daughter's all-time favorite cake!!!! i would LOVE to learn how to make it!!!!!

Bertha said...

Hi brigette,
I know it's a long due reply, and I'm really sorry for that (I cant find a way to notice new comments everytime :( ).

This cake is actually pretty straight forward despite of different components in the cake. As long as you know the components, this cake is pretty easy to put together.