Javanese Mud Cake (a.k.a. Kue Lumpur)

This is not the common mud cake that we normally know. This is actually not a cake. It's not baked, but instead it's cooked on a stovetop using the mold specially made for this goodie. This snack is made out of mashed potato, eggs, milk/coconut milk, flour, and sugar. There is no need for mixer either. The batter is so quick to prepare, but the cooking takes the longest. Since it's cooked on a stovetop, it has to be on low heat so that the inside will be evenly cook too and the outside not overly brown.

I've never had this cake or snack when I was back in Indonesia, at least not that I remember. So, I don't know how the taste or texture should be like. I don't have anything to compare to. This cake is quite traditional in Indonesia and I've never been a huge fan of traditional Indonesian snacks (of course there are exception). I think this cake tastes good, but nothing too special about it. I was thinking of making the durian flavor, with lots of durian flesh added. yuummm....I'll make that the next time I make this cake.

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