This cake consists of a layer of moist chocolate cake, a thin layer of dark chocolate mousse, a disk of jasmine flavored creme brulee, another layer of chocolate mousse, and chocolate glaze. I gave this name "Desire" after visiting Jinpatisserie website and there's a cake similar to this but with vanilla instead of jasmine creme brulee (other than the fact that it looks ten times better than mine). He called it Desire and I thought it's really appropriate for the cake. It's unique and interesting in a good way.

There's no special occasion for making this cake. It just happens that I have a box full of unused heavy cream that's almost expired. It's a pain to waste such a precious ingredient, so I used it to make one of the "to-experiment" cakes, that's been on my list for quite a while.

I've always wanted to use jasmine in cake, but somehow I was too afraid or too confused with the flavor combination that will pair up well with jasmine. This time, I decided to pair it up with chocolate mousse.

Overall, I'm not quite satisfied with the look (obviously, judging from the picture). The chocolate glaze wasn't thick enough to pour and hence, the cake is not as smooth as I wanted to be. This cake wasn't planned to be well-decorated. I just don't want to spend hours of my time dealing with chocolate, but I managed to get some leftover choc. decoration from previous cakes, and put them on the cake, so that it won't be too plain.

Tastewise, I was a little skeptical at first that the jasmine flavor would be over-powered by chocolate, but it wasn't. The taste of jasmine was pretty pronounced and I think jasmine and chocolate are great together. Next time, I might experiment with other combination that goes together with jasmine.

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