Bridal Shower Cake

Last weekend was one of my friends' bridal shower, Vicky. I'm so honored that I got to make her bridal shower cake. I've never made one before, but it's no different from any other cake.

I decided to make two-tier cake. A little more "grand" than a regular round or square cake, but not as formal as a wedding cake. Although it's a tiered cake, it doesn't mean that the decoration should be the same as a fondant or buttercream wedding cake. I wanted it to look fun but still beautiful.

So I browsed around and fell in love with this design. It's simple, looks so Spring-y, and it's no less than elegant. Instead of the usual round tiered cake, I made the bottom layer square instead of round. The bottom cake is a raspberry and white chocolate flavored like what I've made here, and the top tier is a tiramisu cake with chocolate sponge cake instead of vanilla.
This is also the first time I try using dowels for my cake.

It was not easy finding the right color of tulips that I wanted. I had to go to a couple of different stores with no luck, and I was so scared that the cake inside my car will start to melt (it was quite a warm day). Somehow that day, all stores agreed to carry only white and yellow tulips :(. Luckily, my friend that did the decoration, had some tulips left. Pheewww....

Well, everybody liked the cake and I was quite happy with the result. Of course there are still some room for improvement, such as the white chocolate plates could have been smaller and taller and different heights to show texture, the tulips on the top could have been more, but I think it's pretty good for a first-timer (for tiered-cake).

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Wow Bertha, that's amazing! Brian