Chocolate Tiramisu Cake (Part II)

Remember this cake I made as an experiment for a request from a friend? It turned out that she and her husband liked it so much that they decided to go with this cake for her husband's birthday today. I thought the chocolate and the rum were too strong, but they loved it. They even like the 75% dark chocolate I used for the decoration!!! They're indeed a true chocolate lovers.

So, here is the cake for the birthday dinner tonight. She requested the sides to be decorated the same way as the one before, with a chocolate plate saying "happy birthday", and two red cherries.
But, I really thought it would be better with strawberries instead of cherries, since I have some beautiful red strawberries available in my fridge. I was actually planning to put some chocolate decoration on it, but I just had no time.

Psstt... to be honest, I changed the recipe a bit. I know they liked the cake the way it was, but I just couldn't help it. I reduced the amount of chocolate in the filling slightly so that I can taste the wonderful taste of the mascarpone and also made some minor changes. I really think the changes I make, made it a lot better, at least for my taste, but let's cross our fingers and wish that they would love it as much as the one before or maybe more (well, I can only wish :))

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