Rouleau Chocolat au Banane

I've been wanting to make this rouleau after reading this post. Chocolate and banana are classic combination. I forgot that I used to love eating anything with this combination when I was a kid. Whether it's a choco-banana bun, on a toast, or better yet, in a crepe, I love it all.

I had some leftover chocolate cream filling after making the choc. tiramisu cake. So I thought. hey why not make this chocobanana roll cake. Besides, I had some almost-over-rippen bananas that I bought specially just to make this roll cake, but never got to do it. So, no more excuses.

I played around with a cotton cake recipe that I had. Replacing some of the flour with both regular and Dutch-processed cocoa powder (for the color), adjust the amount of sugar and the egg, and also the other amount so that it would fit the roll cake pan. It was a little too thin, but nothing important.

I piped some of the filling on the top but I think it melted a little because I left it at room temperature for quite a while (I was busy doing something else and forgot). I sprinkled some cocoa powder on top and sliced some bananas and brushed it with neutral glaze.

Of course it's nothing compared to the one in the picture that I was inspired with. I should have cut it an smaller size to make it prettier, but I was too tired doing all the clean up that I didn't even bother with the appearance too much.

My friends said it was really good. I only got to taste the scraps that was left at home :(. I will definitely make this again some time with prettier look, and better cotton cake. I'm dying to make some other rouleau (inspired from the same blog too) and hopefully, I'll have enough time to really do it all.

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arab said...

"My friends said it was really good. I only got to taste the scraps that was left at home :("

but we did asked you to try some slices for yourself too when you're there... :)