Stacked JCC (Japenese Cheesecake)

This is actually a failed JCC :(. I had a block of cream cheese in the fridge that I needed to use up, so I decided to make JCC in different sizes of pans for experiment and so that I can give it to a couple of different people. I made JCC so often that I felt that I didn't need to look at my recipe anymore.

Everything went well until after about 20 minutes of baking time, the top of the cake in the small size pans (3 in) started to crack. Usually cheesecake or any type of cake will crack if the temperature is too hot. I thought this is still ok because the pan size is smaller. Then I checked my recipe file and apparently, I bake them in higher temperature than what it's supposed to be. The result is fine though, completely and perfectly edible and normal. It's just wasn't the way I like it to be. As expected, the texture is dryer than what I have normally. Usually, it just melts in your mouth, but this time you have to use your teeth to chew it a little.

I really hate it if something doesn't turn out as I wanted to be (who doesn't?), I really do. So, I was ready to threw it all away, but I didn't. I stacked, glazed, and decorate the cake with the frozen berries that I keep in my freezer, mandarin oranges and a red cherry for color. The red one is red currant, which I rarely find in the US. I packed it in a box (that appeared to be a lot shorter than the cake itself) and brought it to my friends' apartment. They're big guys and are willing to eat anything :).

It certainly looks like a mini wedding cake though.

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