Mini Black Forest Cake

I've been posting the same old things lately. Oh well, my apologies, but I just can't let the leftover creams, cakes, and the other good stuff go to waste.

This one is a quick and dirty version of Black Forest cake using the leftover rum whipped cream, chocolate whipped cream, and black cherry from the previous BF cake. Fortunately, I also have some leftover chocolate shardsto decorate with, then I dusted some cocoa powder on top. Usually, BF cake is decorated using red maraschino cherries, but I feel like I have been using red cherries as decoration a little too often (don't you think?). Not that I can't decorate with something else or anything, it's just that most of the cakes I made lately required red cherry as a traditional decoration. Besides, it's red, it's pretty and it's quick!! It doesn't look like leftover anymore, does it?

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