Mango Mousse and Strawberry Mousse Cake

I got these cakes from an upscale grocery store in a city nearby (I forgot the name of the grocery store). They are mango mousse cake and strawberry mousse cake, although if you go there, it will say cassis mousse cake rather than strawberry mousse cake. My French is as good as my mandarin (which I really don't understand), but I know enough that Cassis is black currant, so I think they give this cake a totally inappropriate name. Fraise is the French name for strawberry if they want something French-y.

Anyways, back to the cake. The cake itself is good, although not mind-blowing. They're definitely better compared to some other patisseries that I've tried, but I think the mousse is a little too stiff. In my opinion and taste, mousse should be creamy yet light in the palate. But most of patisseries or bakeries tend to put too much gelatin in it to hold it's shape. Appearance is important but taste and texture should as important too. Giving the mousse too much gelatin would definitely help the cake holding its shape, but it would make the texture rubbery. Besides, gelatin takes away flavor. Other than that, the joconde (the thing with stripes and heart that's wrapped around the cake) is too dry. I think it has been in the store for a couple of days already.
I'm not being picky or anything, this is just my personal opinion. I've never said that the cake is bad at a;;. It is very good, it's just not amazingly good.

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