White and Blue Wedding Cake

Remember this? Yes, they are officially married now! They got married in Indonesia back in December, but they were also having a little celebration with their friends here back in the States last week.

I was so excited when Kathy asked me if I would and could make the cake for her mini wedding celebration. The party was for about 50 people so I didn't have to worry about making a huge cake to feed them all. And the most important thing is, I didn't have to worry as well about what cake I want to make as Kathy was dead-set of having her favorite Indonesian cheese layer cake with pandan and vanilla sponge cake. This took a huge weight off my shoulder as deciding on the cake flavor is the most difficult thing to do when making a cake, at least for me :). So, all I needed to worry was the cake design.

She mentioned that her theme would be blue and silver and she wanted the base to be off-white color. White and blue is easy but incorporating silver? hmm... I have to think extra hard and even tried to find inspiration everywhere. I looked at probable hundreds of pictures for inspiration. I was originally planning to use diamonds or crystal to put on the cake but I canceled that idea last minute (umm... the night before) since the crystal will not be edible and I'm afraid someone might accidentally eat it. Besides, I was afraid that the cake will look too "bling-y" (if this is a word).

I started making the sponge a few days before for three days at night after work and the morning before work. This was the only time I could spare since work was so busy that week. I tried to do as much prep as I can to avoid rushing things on Saturday (the party was on Saturday evening). Not to mention that I had to make another cake for Sunday the day after. Luckily, my sister in law and her brother helped me making the figurines. It was so hard for me making the glasses for the boy since it was so tiny, and my hands were shaking, but finally we managed to pull it off after a few hours (yes, we're still amateurs at making figurines :D). All of the filling, frosting, assembling, and decorating were done on Saturday. The design wasn't actually planned, except for the top tier part. It was kind of an instant idea, which I don't think turned out so bad after all :). Even the heart idea came up half an hour before I had to get ready. It was a crazy day, or crazy week I should say as I was on a rush the whole time. The cake was done VERY last minute, and I was about 30 minutes late than what I had planned.

Luckily, the cake landed fine on the table. It was really heavy and I could barely carry it. I had to brush the ribbon and the hearts with pearl dust on the little venue, with some guests watching (which are my own friends too). Overall, I was pretty happy with the look. I was worried that white and baby blue color combo would make the cake looks like a baby shower cake. But I think it turned out okay, sweet and simple. Sure it's not elegant, just like any traditional wedding cake should be. But I didn't want it to be traditional, I wanted it to be fun and I was so glad that the bride and groom were happy with it.

Here are some pictures of the bride and groom. I have to say though, I think Kathy is the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. I wish you could see her wedding pictures when she was in her wedding dress. She looked really pretty, and not just pretty, but really beautiful. Richard surely is a lucky guy, not just because he has a beautiful wife on the outside, but also beautiful on the inside. CONGRATULATIONS for the newly wed! Wish you a beautiful life together and may your marriage be a blessing for other people around you :).

ps: Photos are courtesy of San2, a talented photographer friend of mine (I'm surely gonna miss you San when you're leaving :( )


Kat said...

wahhh bertha..... gw sampe malu nihhh lu puji gw kayak gitu.. i am blushed!!! hehehe... anyway.. thanks a lot for the cake...we really like it, and it's the cuttest cake ever! plus.. the taste, is always yummy... :)

Bertha said...

LOL! dont get big-headed now Kat :D