Meyer Lemon Tart with Lemon Macaron

I am finally writing a new post! Life with two babes are definitely not something one would take lightly. The only way I could write this post is when the two kids miraculously nap at the same time, and I am pumping while writing this post before they wake up (sorry for TMI).

I am not baking as much since Kathryn was born, but I cook way way more. She is almost a year old now, and ever since she was 6 months, I have been cooking four different meals! So to say that there isn't enough time in one day or enough energy on one's body, is not an understatement.

Valentine Cake Idea - Raspberry Rose Lychee Cake

It's Valentine's day today and while it might be too late for anyone looking for Valentine cake idea, at least this can be an inspiration for other occasion, whether it's the decor idea, or the cake idea. You can change up the shape as you'd like, such as numbers, circles, alphabets, or anything at all.

Rouge Entremet

Hi there! I just survived a busy 2-week! I was neck-deep buried in pounds of fondant, raspberries, white chocolate, gallons of cream, you name it, all for the wedding of sweet couple friends (sneak peak on Instagram Post and tutorial coming soon.

Today I want to share this red hot cake I made a few weeks back for sis-in-law's Big 4-0 birthday celebration. 

Pistache Noisette Entremet (Pistachio Hazelnut Entremet)

Hi there!

Boy, has it really been 2.5 years? A lot sure happened during that time and this little page of mine been forgotten.

Well, let's start with this blog. I took time off for 2.5 years focusing on my (not so) baby in the beginning and one thing led to another, this blog did not get any attention.
My daughter just turned 3 last week. Yup, how we went from newborn to a whole three years in just a blink of an eye is beyond me, but now she has become a little tiny lady who loves exploring and socializing, though quite a handful at times.  

Banana, Caramel and Hazelnut Entremet

I haven't been making lots of entremet lately since it takes quite some time to make and time is very precious to me lately. I went back to work last December after my 4-month maternity leave, and I am busier than ever.

Before I was back to work, I managed to make this banana, caramel, and hazelnut entremet for my nephew's birthday. I wasn't actually in the mood of spending a great deal in the kitchen since sleep was always my preferred action whenever I have any time, but I had some leftover cake components in the freezer that I wanted to use up before they go bad. And I am glad I did because the cake turned out to be delicious! One of the cake I am proud of.

Product Review: Silicon Baking Cups


I thought I would pop in to let you guys know that I am still here. This blog has been abandoned for so long (for a good reason), but I want to try to go back posting more often.

As some of you may know from the last post that I was pregnant and I gave birth to my precious daughter last August. Time has surely flown by since then. It wasn't easy for sure, there were tears, there were a lot of hospital visits, lack of sleeps, and everything else. Now that the baby is a bit older (she just turned 3 months), I am so lucky that she could sleep through the night (mostly), and she is such a good baby. But still, I feel like I need more time every day. I am enjoying being a stay-home mom, but I have to go back to work in three weeks and I am dreading leaving my baby alone :(.

Japanese Cheesecake with Green Tea Swirls

I didn't do much on Memorial Day weekend yesterday. M left to Korea for a business trip, and I went to work on Monday while everyone else was in the pool or BBQ enjoying the sun. I was planning on doing a lot of baking but I didn't do as much as I wanted too. In fact, I only made different components for this and that, but no finished dessert yet. My long-time friend came to visit from Indonesia so we hung out for quite a bit. He was here when I started my early baking life so he got to taste some of my first cakes. I am making some of them while he's here, along with some other desserts like lemon tart.