Celebrating Friendship

I have known my friend, N, for no less than 9 years I think. We went to the same college in Cupertino, we go to the same church, we hung out and laughed together, we stayed up late together, usually it's me making a cake, and her helping me making little fondant figurines, we get very excited over food, and many many more. She is the type of person who can bright up your day instantly, she's always full of smile in any circumstances, always willing to help, very kind-hearted, there is no single negative thing I can think of when I think of her.

I was surprised and very sad when I heard that she's going back to Indonesia for good, but I was glad at the same time too. I knew that Indonesia is her long-term plan, and I am glad that she's finally stepping to the next level of her life. I guess being sad is inevitable when it's a real good friend that's leaving.

Instead of being all tears, we decided to throw her a party to celebrate the friendship we've shared over the years. With everyone talked about Prince William's and Kate's fairy tale wedding, the theme for N's party is "Royal Ball", with blue and silver as the color theme, as N is too a fan of anything magical (can you imagine she's been to Disneyland in LA for 10x?!!)

I wanted to make something for her before she left and I only had a few days (workdays) after my previous trip to plan, shop and to make it, so there wasn't much I could do. I decided to make a display cake with the blue/silver theme to get that "fairy tale" feeling and make verrines for the dessert. N loves the rose-lychee combination, and so I decided to make a verrine that incorporates raspberry, rose, and lychee. You might think that I make this combination too often, but I do love it that much, the combination of flavors and the appearance, again, Pierre Herme is a genius for coming up with this combo among many others.

Here's a list of the components that go inside the verrine:
  • Raspberry gelee
  • Pistachio joconde (I used pistachio joconde leftover from this cake)
  • Raspberry soaking syrup
  • Rose bavarian cream
  • Repeat the layering twice, ended with a thin raspberry layer on top

I was originally planning to make mini pink macarons with rose filling, but unfortunately I didn't have time for it, maybe next time as I think it would look very pretty.

The party was indeed filled with fun and good food. Our friend, Y, made some very tasty Indonesian meal for us, and most importantly, people got to spend one last time with N. I know this won't be the last time we meet, but until next time, I will miss her dearly and everything about her.

Me and my little niece

Some game we played at the party :)

It is "unofficially" Summer already and surprisingly, CA is taking its time to get summery. It feels more like early Spring with the rain and cloudy weather in mid 60's. Really cannot wait now for warm weather.

Have a blessed week!

Rose, Raspberry, and Lychee Verrine

Lychee pieces
Pistachio joconde (or lady fingers), cut a bit smaller than the size of the glass

30 Baume Syrup
50 ml water
65 g sugar

30 ml water
30 ml framboise eau-de-vie
  • Bring the water (50 ml) and the sugar to a boil. Let cool
  • Measure about 60 g of the syrup and mix with the water and eau-de-vie
Raspberry Gelee
500 graspberry puree
sugar (I didn't measure how much sugar I used, but start with probably 100 g and keep adding until the desired sweetness)
2 tsp. powdered gelatin (mixed with about 1 Tbs. of water)
  • Mix raspberry puree and sugar in a saucepan and bring it to a gentle boil
  • Melt the gelatin mixture (in a microwave for a few seconds) and add it to the raspberry mixture
  • Stir well and take it off the heat
  • Let cool to room temperature (ice bath would make it much faster)
Rose Bavarian
500 ml milk
6 egg yolks
150 g sugar
4 tsp. powdered gelatin (mixed with some water)
600 g heavy cream, whipped to soft peak
4-6 Tbs. rose water
  • Pour the milk in a saucepan and bring it to a gentle simmer
  • Meanwhile, whisk the yolk and the sugar without introducing any air
  • Once the milk is ready, temper the yolk with the milk and pour the mixture back on the heat
  • Keep stirring the mixture on a low heat until it reaches about 82 degree C
  • Meanwhile, melt the gelatin in a microwave and add to the milk mixture
  • Take it off the heat and cool on an icebath and strain it to remove any lumps
  • Keep stirring until it reached room temperature, then fold the whipped cream in and the rose water
To Assemble
  • Pour a thin layer of raspberry gelee in the bottom of a verrine glass (or any glass) and freeze for about 10 minutes until it's almost set
  • Place a thin layer of the pistachio joconde (or lady finger) that has been moistened with the syrup
  • Put some lychee pieces in the center
  • Pour some bavarian cream and again, let it set in the freezer for about 10 minutes (the top should not be liquid before you pour anything on top of it)
  • Repeat the layering


Zoe said...

These are very lovely treats all for a friend. Don't be sad that she is leaving. Even being "away", I believe a true friend is be always there for you. Your friend is very lucky to have a friend like you too :D

Swee San @ TheSweetSpot said...

wow!! all that newspaper attire is very creative! and the verrines are very pretty

Urvashee said...

What gorgeous presentation!