Cakepops for M's Baby Shower Favor

I can't believe it's May! I wonder where did time go. I have been out of town for the past two weeks, and before that, I was also out for a few weekends, life's been really crazy. A little warning, this post might be more of an updates rather than cake in details :)

I started this draft about a month ago or so and yes I know I have not been very proud of myself in keeping this blog updated as often as I wanted to. I had to keep changing the content as the week passed by because so many things are happening. In fact, I was writing part of this post on my "vacation" somewhere in Prairieville, Louisiana where thunderstorm and wind warning are so common. Yup, that's right! I went away from the beautiful California to Houston for a few days to visit my sister, then off to Louisiana, for a good reason. In a way, San Jose reminds me about the long hours at work and thinking about that is exhausting sometimes. So, it feels really good to be away from that at least.

I must say that I am now having so much more appreciation towards California weather and nature. Not to say that I didn't enjoy the trip (heck, I came back home with a temporary tattoo of tigger with a soccer ball on my thigh), in fact, it was nice that I could feel real Summer earlier, and also humid at the same time. It really reminds me of the time I spent during my college days in Texas. But really nothing beats California road scenery especially these days where green hills/mountains, happy cows, field of flowers, cherry blossoms, the gentle cool breeze, these little things seem to make my days a little brighter. It was one of those little pleasures in life that I appreciate so much.

The weather here is very nice now that I am back, Spring is definitely here, my favorite time of the year. I love it that cherry blossoms are blossoming everywhere. First, it was the pink plum blossoms, then the white ones, now the other pink cherry blossoms, it is so exciting that there's always something to admire and seeing the bright green leaf on the trees just somehow makes me happier. A little part of me is hoping that Summer wouldn't come so fast, just so that I can have this feeling of anticipation that Winter would not come anytime soon.

I am back now to my routine. Some part of me is happy that I am now back home and getting my regular life back, but on the other hand, it is also sad for the same reason. Getting back from a vacation is never easy I guess. It is so unfortunate that I spend most of my day time inside the office but I tried to soak as much sun as possible during the weekend including a farmers' market trip. Oh how I love this season, soon, I will sleep with my room window open, with the gentle breeze bringing the scent of the flowers from the backyard.

Anyways, enough of the ramblings, lots of things are happening lately. My friend Kiki gave birth to her second son, Wesley, which I have yet to pay a visit. My dear friend Nana is about to go back to Indonesia for good, people come and go in our life and although it is sad to see them go, it was also a privilege to be able to know them.

With everything that's happening at the moment, I could hardly have any time for myself and my kitchen, as you can probably tell that I don't post new stuff as frequently lately (not to say that I did anyway previously). It is killing me that while I got really excited seeing a whole bunch of meyer lemons in the backyard that's slowly falling off the tree and got rotten, seeing the first strawberries of the season, blood oranges, mangoes, and rhubarb among other things, I could hardly find time to do anything with it.

I did manage to make these cakepops for M's baby shower for her coworkers though, about a month ago.
It sounded impossible at first with my schedule but thanks to my dearest friends, brother, and sister in law who were willing to help in any way to make it possible, you guys are the best! The inside is red velvet cake with cream cheese icing, covered in white candy melts and purple polkadots. I was dying to make a sheep or a cow or anything farm animals for these cakepops, but they take so much time to do, so maybe next time. Anyone having a baby anytime soon?

M made the thank you tag and they are perfect (she did it quite fast too :D)! I love how everything is so well-prepared and she made it looked like it is so easy to make them. Congratulations for the upcoming baby girl "blueberry", I'm pretty sure she will grow up to be as beautiful as you inside and out.

Other than the cakepops, I also managed to squeeze in this birthday cake for little boy named Ansel. Funny thing is, I made cakes for their family a few times already for the past few years, but I have only met the dad who always picked up the cakes from me, I have never met the mom or any of the kids, and I felt so privileged for the trust that they give me. I finally met the mother last time when she went and picked up the cake, so yay, curiosity met! :)

This cake was for her son, Ansel, who turned 7 years old a few weeks ago. I also made some red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and chocolate cupcakes with Nutella frosting, but didn't get a chance to take any picture.

I am working REALLY hard to squeeze in a little time here and there for baking, even when that means that I have to sacrifice my sleep time, but it's worth it! In fact, I made some cake last week, which took me no less than two weeks to finish, but anything is better than nothing. Will post that one up soon. Have a blessed week!


PapaCheong's 拿手好菜 said...

Mmmmm, love everything about it!


smay said...

what cake do you normally use behind the fondant?

Bertha said...

smay: The inside of this fondant cake is Indonesian cake called "lapis surababya". it is a sponge cake but using all egg yolks, no whites.
For other fondant cakes, the base is usually sponge cake, the filling can be anything from buttercream, cheesecake, ganache, mousse, etc

smay said...

oh!!i love lapis surabaya!! wish i can get it here..
so it is okay to use sponge cake for fondant? it won't be too heavy on a sponge or chiffon cake?
i'm learning royal icing now, with your fondat cakes, do you normally jsut put one layer on it?
because i really like more spongy types of cake as opposed to fruit and mud cake!! thanks!

Bertha said...

smay: Yes, I always use sponge cake (sometimes chiffon cake) for my fondant cake. Depending on the cake, I usually use at least 3 or 4 layers of sponge cake with about 0.5-0.75" high.

smay said...

now i understand more about fondant bertha!! Just wondering.. do you just put one layer of fondant on sponge cake? because I'm thinking sponge or chiffon might be too light to hold the layer of icing? books say to use two layers of icing, marzipan and fondant but I feel that it is too heavy and too sweet.

is it okay to put the sponge cake with fondant on top in the fridge to keep fresh? If not what can we do? confused about it.. :s