Tiramisu Eclair

Been wanting to try this flavor for eclair since forever, but never gotten to it until now. Another dessert I made together with the Vanilla Bean Cream Puffs for my neighbor and for my New Year's Eve dinner dessert. I wasn't planning on making this actually, at least not at that moment. But I suddenly felt the urge of making it when I was in the middle of making the cream puffs. So I made another batch of choux and pipe it to make eclair. I think tiramisu flavor would be better with eclair instead of cream puff, although they are the same generally. It's just that eclair has chocolate glaze on top, although I usually like to drizzle my cream puffs with chocolate glaze as well :D. So practically, they're the same. But eclair sounds much more elegant and looks fancier than cream puffs.

The filling is the same as the regular tiramisu cream. I just piped the cream into the eclair, and that's all. Piping filling into eclair has never been my area of expertise :(. It was messy, but I think I got it pretty good at the end :). It was a three-step process, making the choux, the filling, and the glaze, but I'm telling you, it was totally worth it. Not to mention the failed ganache glaze I made the first one. I was out of heavy cream and decided to use milk instead, but the mixture was grainy. When I was finally able to get it smooth, the color was so dull, not shiny like usual. It won't thicken, well it did a little but still runny even after a couple of hours. So, I got myself about one-1.5lt carton of heavy cream and made another batch. Now I still have 90% full of heavy cream in my fridge that I need to use up quickly before it goes bad. I can't seem to get any inspiration of what I want to make when I have this kind pressure :(.

Everybody just went crazy over this tiramisu eclair. I didn't eat it that night because I was too full, but everybody just kept saying how good the eclair is. I was actually surprised myself when I ate it the day after. I like to leave my eclair or cream puff at room temperature for some time to let the pastry to soften up a little, I think it's better that way. I'll definitely make this more often, although yes I realize that it took me a long time to make this from start to finish, but it was definitely worth it.

What did I do with the leftover tiramisu filling? Make tiramisu of course!! But this time, I made it in martini glasses since I didn't have enough leftover cream to make it in a pyrex or container. I just layered the cream with broken lady fingers that have been dipped in espresso-rum mixture. Dust the top with cocoa powder and there you have it.

I hope the neighbor enjoyed it as much as we do :)


Breadpitt said...

u are such a big tiramiss u fans eii......well those eclair looks pretty to good to eat and do it contain liquer inside, if yes it would be more heaven for me......hehe

Bertha said...

I am a big tiramisu lover. I mean, who wouldn't? Yes, it has a good amount of rum and espresso in it :), fav combo.
Just visited your blog and really amazed at your skill. I'm glad if I just have 25% of your skill :). Are you visiting US anytime soon? :P

wita said...

Bertha... eclairnya kelihatan muantap.. boleh nggak nyontek idenya... pengen praktek weekend ini ...

Breadpitt said...

nah.... i aint had much skill , just fooling around;-p hehe! i love to travel but just because of my financial limitation, thanks for asking. u are malaysian or us citizen?

Bertha said...

Halo Wita, contek ajah :) hopefully you'll like the combination

you are skilled. I just wish to make good stuff like yours (hint:posting more recipes :P).Let me know if you decided to visit the state anytime.
I'm neither US citizen or malaysian. I grew up in Indonesia and I live in the State for quite some time now

Meisterkokk said...

eclairs look amazing!!! This I`ll have to try, with a twist ;D

Good work!