Mini Steamed Pandan Coconut Cake (Putu Ayu)

My second attempt of making this cake, now that I have the right mold for this cake. The first one I did almost months and months ago, wasn't completely satisfying. I used different mold and some of the grated coconuts stuck in the mold, not pretty :(. Second, it was my first time trying the recipe I found somewhere (forgot already what recipe I used), but I wasn't too fond of the texture. It was okay I think, but the texture is denser than what I would have liked. If you know me, you'll know that I like about everything that is light and soft. That's why I don't like butter type cake (or pound cake) and some sort.

I made these cute little cakes 1.5 weeks ago, for a potluck party. I didn't plan to make it that time, although it has been on my to-make/to-experiment list all this time after my first attempt. I only had about 1hr before I needed to get ready for the party and I didn't know what to bring as most people brought main dishes. So, I thought I'll make this, especially since the party is about Indonesian food :).

This cake is a traditional Indonesian cake, although it is also common in Singapore and Malaysia (these three countries share the same interest in the same type of food). I changed the recipe to have lesser flour (for lighter texture), more coconut milk (to give that moistness), and also more eggs. To my surprise, the texture was great. Definitely go into my file, have to go write down the amount before I forgot :P. I couldn't help but keep smiling when I saw these little cakes came out from the mold so easily without force, and it came out so pretty too. The size is mini, so you can finish it with only 3 bites (or one bite for a guy).

I've been wanting to make this again, as I only ate one at that time (they were gone very fast), but have to find "victim" to help finish the rest :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Bertha, the putu ayu pictures look so good! Do u mind if I ask for your recipe (the one with the lighter texture)? Thanks!!! Joyce

Kiki said...

me too... recipe please... :)

Bertha said...

Wow, I actually forgot about this. Thanks for reminding me, I'll post up the recipe next time I make it.