Raspberry Mascarpone Cheesecake

When my sister in law mentioned that I should bake raspberry mascarpone cheesecake, I just said "I've never made it before", without thinking. She wasn't even thinking either when she said that, but then I thought how brilliant that idea sounds. The creamy mascarpone and the fragrant raspberries. For a second there, I thought she was genius to mention this combo, even if she didn't really mean it in the first place :). I've never been such a big fan of cheesecake, but I absolutely adore mascarpone cheese. I love the smooth and very creamy taste of it. Everything that has mascarpone in it must be good.

Then, I began my search on raspberry mascarpone cheesecake online as a start, but I found nothing. Very weird, as I would think that other people must have tried this before, but I couldn't find any recipe. So, What I did is just take the existing mascarpone cheesecake as a start point and go from there. I modified the recipe quite a bit to suit my taste, and also so that it would go great with raspberries. It's quite pricey making this cheesecake though. Everybody knows how expensive mascarpone can be, and I need more than one for this. It also has almond base, as I'm also not a fan of the plain and old graham cracker crumb base. Not to mention the raspberries and the cream cheese. But as long as it gives me the result I want, it doesn't matter anymore :).

Making cheesecake is pretty straightforward. Unlike layered cakes, where you have to bake thin sponge cakes, for cheesecake, you just mix the ingredients for the base and bake it for a few minutes. no beating or folding necessary. The filling was also quick to whip up. Just dump everything in the mixer, let it run until it smooth and add the eggs one after another, that's it. I also added a couple tablespoons of framboise, but I think the flavor got lost somewhere between the cream cheese and mascarpone. I scattered some fresh raspberries in the middle of the cheesecake. Everything went well until it comes for decoration, one of my weaknesses. I do have lots of ideas though, but I'm just to lazy to go that far just for decoration, although yes, I admit that it's one of the most important part of a cake. It's what make the cake art-y (???). Making the glaze took the longest time. The first one was a fail and I wasted my whole frozen raspberry to make the puree. So, had to run to the grocery store and bought another one. Thawing, pureeing, straining the seeds, can be very time-consuming. I'm not completely satisfied either with the result of the glaze. Gotta think to make it better next time.

I didn't go the extra mile for the decoration though. I let the side just as it is because I want it to look like a cheesecake. If I cover it with something, it would have looked just like a mousse cake. I think it looks acceptable, not the best decoration in the world but it's the best I can do with the leftover ingredients and the time I had. I should have smoothen the side with a warm metal spatula, but I didn't :(.

I haven't cut the cake yet, but I tasted the one that was stuck in the cake ring and pan and I loved it. My sis in law can't wait to eat it for the past two days, but I wouldn't let her because I haven't fully decorated it :P. I'll make sure she gets her portion of the cheesecake tomorrow. It doesn't have that "heavy" feeling you get with the regular NY cheesecake, and you can definitely tell that there is mascarpone in it. The raspberry just brightens the flavor, making it refreshing, fruity, and light at the same time. Definitely a keeper. I mean, when you heard or saw a cake with a name like this, who can resist?

Another cake I made the weekend before, a classic Indonesian cheese cake (not cheesecake) for a friend's birthday cake. I made it so often that I don't want to make a separate post over and over again, so I just shared the picture. And every single time I make it, it makes my mouth water (a little hyperbolic here) and it gives me craving for it. I'll just have to find the time to make it again one of these days :)


Yossi said...

Wow... I really like this one, Ber! It looks sooo yummy! I also like the raspberry glaze you put on top of the cheesecake.

kt said...

Hello! This cake looks exactly like what I'm craving! Can I get the recipe please? :)

kt said...

This cake looks like what I'm craving now! How'd it taste? Could you put the recipe up please? :D

Bertha said...

kt: I've published the recipe in this blog. search for "mascarpone cheesecake"

Ruth said...

I can't find the recipe for this anywhere! Please re post.

Bertha said...

Ruth: You can find the recipe here: