Rainbow Chilled Cheesecake (part II)

Umm....the second cheesecake I made last week to use up the heavy cream and cream cheese (note: as for now, I still have about 1.25 L cream and 2lbs cream cheese). Well, that's not the entire reason though. Remember the first rainbow chilled cheesecake I made a few months back? The texture was great, but the three flavors wasn't quite there yet. I used jams to flavor the blueberry and strawberry flavor, and lemon juice and zest for the lemon flavor. The lemon was tangy and I love it, but the other two were just too weak. The layers were uneven, and you can barely tell the color difference, not to mention the poor decoration, hahaha... Since then, I've been wanting to recreate the second one, a better one I hope.

I used chiffon type cake for the base as I think it's easier to make and faster too. The three flavors are different from the last one. This time, I made it into raspberry, mango, and blueberry flavors, my all-time favorite flavors! And I got smarter too :P, instead of using jams, I used real puree to flavor and color each layer, and mango pulp for the mango flavor (absolutely love this product). It was quite a hassle pureeing just a small amount of fruit, strain, wash, and redo it again with another fruit with a big blender. But I guess it was all worth it :). I try to make the layer as even as possible using a spoon, and although it wasn't perfect, but I think it's much better than the first one.

After unmolding, I feel like the colors are too strong. I wanted it to be just a tad softer, but overall, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I didn't do elaborate thing for the decoration, just cover it with a thin layer of cream and glazed fresh fruits. The cream wasn't even that smooth, but strangely, I wasn't bothered by it. I guess I was more bothered by the fact that I was very late for work at that time :P

Brought this cake to work and it was devoured within minutes. Luckily, there was one very small slice left and I remembered that I haven't tried it, so I quickly hide it :). The texture was a little different than last time. It was very light, more like a mousse instead of cheesecake, but still has that cheesecake flavor due to the amount of cream cheese. The word "cheesecake" is identical with "smooth", "creamy", "dense", but this is just so light that you don't feel like eating much after finishing one slice of it. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not. For me, I love this kind of texture. Maybe next time I'll add a little more gelatin in it. The reason why it's softer than the first one might be caused by the liquid puree. But overall, it was fruity, light, and flavorful all at the same time. For second attempt, I don't think this is too bad at all :)

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Anonymous said...

Can I please get a full recipe for this cake?? Please:) My son doesn't like regular cakes he usually eats the worst part, the frosting. He tried a cake once that was more like the Rainbow cake you made and he loved it. He's turning 6 next week and I waould love to surprise him with "your" rainbow cake:)