Strawberry Shortcake

I made this 6-in strawberry shortcake for my co-worker at work. He's often bringing me fruits and veggies, such as strawberries, cherries, peaches, corns, asparagus. He lives in Brentwood, where most of the farms are.

He told me once that he likes strawberry cream cake so much. Just a plain white cake, with lots of whipped cream and strawberries (he's very American). So, I decided to make him one to say thank you using the super sweet strawberries I bought at farmers' market.

This is the same as the strawberry shortcake I made, but I brushed the cake with Grand Marnier to moisten the cake a little although the cake itself is soft and moist already. I used Cointreau before, but this time, I'm using Grand Marnier to flavor the cream. Both are French orange liqueurs.

Again, I was in a rush when making this cake. I started decorating it I think about 45 mins before going to work. It seems like a long time for such a small cake, but combine with other things I did, it wasn't much time at all. You can see clearly that the whipped cream is not smooth, but he told me that he liked it so much. So, that's enough for me.

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