Tiramisu Cake

This cake is for one of my friends' birthday today. It's not that I want to make the same cake over and over again, but it's a special request from the boyfriend. In fact, I spent more than two days thinking about what cake I wanted to make. I want it to be different from the other cakes I've made before. But, the guy insisted to have tiramisu with chocolate sponge cakes and it has to be round (weird guy). I offerred him hexagonal cake, square, etc. but he wanted round. Well, round it is. The funny thing is, this guy is the same guy that I made this cake for. It was for his birthday and the girlfriend asked for tiramisu cake. I guess this guy liked it so much that he asked for it no matter what the occasion is (just for a note, he's the pickiest eater I've ever met so far).

So here it is, a tiramisu cake. It's quite warm here today. The cream easily melted, especially on the edge. Next time I make this cake on a warm day, I'll have to put a little gelatin in it for stability. Since it melted so easily, the cocoa powder that I sprinkled on top, dissolved so fast too, due to the excessive moisture the cake has :(. Oh well, it's too late now. At least there's a lesson to be learned.


Anonymous said...

look so delicious!!can I have some??

Bertha said...

Sure, you can take all you want :)