Choco-Banana Cake

This is just another cake to use up the bananas that I had at home. I always bake the leftover cake batter in a smaller pan (usually in a 6-in pan) and keep the cake in the freezer. That way, I can make a cake real quick whenever I need one (small one of course).

This cake is almost the same as this cake here. The difference is that it's a round cake of course, instead of rouleau. It consists of 2 layer of chocolate sponge cake, brushed with rum simple syrup, and filled with chocolate chantilly as well as sliced bananas. Then, the whole cake is covered with the chocolate chantilly. The plan was to caramelized the bananas before putting them inside the cake, but I guess I was too lazy doing all the clean-up :). Pardon the decoration, it's not the greatest decoration of all times, but I just want a simple-looking cake. Next time, if I make it for a celebration, I will definitely dress it up better.

I think I have to create a fancier name for all these cakes I'm making. Names make a difference too, you know. It's true that you eat with your eyes first, but whenever you're in a bakery full of extraordinary cakes and dessert, and you can't decide which one you want, if it were me, I would pick a cake that has the most appealing name.

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