Mille-Feuille aux Fraise

Still in strawberry madness, I also made this mille-feuille aux Fraise, or what we're familiar with strawberry napoleon.

I've always wanted to make mille-feuille. It's a dessert that you really can't eat it cleanly. It's gonna be messy however you try to eat it. The combination between the crunchy pastry, creamy and the fragrant flavor from the vanilla bean seeds, and fresh strawberries is just satisfying.

I used store-bought puff pastry for this dessert. I have to admit that I've never attempted to make my own puff pastry. It's just sounds too complicated and impossible to do at home. Well, maybe not impossible but it takes a very long time and a lot of patience to make it. So, since I don't deal with this pastry too often, I'd rather buy it for now. Some people say that after you made it, you would never go back to the store-bought puff pastry. I would definitely try it someday when I have large counterspace in my own kitchen :).

I don't have a recipe for this since I'm using store bought puff pastry, just thaw, cut, bake, and slice. The filling is from the tart leftover, and lots of slices of strawberries in the middle. This dessert has to be eaten immediately though, within a couple of hours, the sooner, the better. The pastry would collect all the moisture from the cream and won't be crisp anymore.

This is my last entry for the Strawberry Seduction

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wita said...

Halo Bertha, thanks so much atas jawabannya di ncc soal ganache putih. Saya pk coklat ptuih yg kisses itu loh.
Bertha blog kmau lengkap sekali boleh nggak aku nge-link biar bisa blajar disini? trima kasih, salam kenal ya.

Big Boys Oven said...

Gosh You are the Babe of Cake! really rocks!

T’s Treats said...

Amazing, that looks fantastic, I will so have to try it, sounds heavenly!!

Bertha said...

Halo Wita, sama2. kalo mau nanya something, email aja, jadi biar bisa panjang jawabnya :)
eh, blog kamu lengkap juga lo

Bertha said...

Thanks big boys oven. Your cakes are amazing too. It's one of the blogs that I have to read everyday. Thanks for the inspiration for the rouleau. Yours surely looks mouth-watering. I just hope I can make it as good as yours.

Sweetdesign, thanks for the sweet comment. You'll have to try it, especially when strawberries are at their peak.