Rum Balls

Rum Balls is not actually what you think (whatever it is). In Indonesia, rum balls is something we make using leftover stuff. Traditionally, it is made out of crushed biscuit, chocolate condensed milk, and rum flavoring. Then, it's shaped into rounds and rolled onto chocolate sprinkles.

Other than crushed biscuit, rum balls can also be made from leftover cake, which is what I'm using here.
Chocolate condensed milk is not common in the US, but I can find it in a small local Indonesian grocery store (although somewhat pricey). A friend asked me if I would make this for him, so I thought "why not?" since the last time I made it was at least ten years ago.

You see, in Indonesia, almost every kid would make it at least once. This is something that you would make with your kids (if you have any). When I was a little, I really think it was fun crushing, playing food with your hands, rolling in chocolate sprinkles, I mean who wouldn't? There's no recipe for this and you can use pretty much anything you like in this cute stuff. Sky is the limit.

I made this cute little balls using leftover cake I made two weeks before and left it in the freezer. Since I didn't want to bother buying the chocolate condensed milk, I use regular condensed milk. And instead of using chocolate sprinkles, I also rolled it on shredded cheese.

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