Berry Cream Cakes

Here are the cake my nephew and I made with the leftover cream and joconde cake. He's my little sous chef :). After making the guava cake, I asked him if he wants to create a cake on his own (with my help of course). While I made mine with all raspberries inside, he used raspberries and blueberries for the filling. I used regular dairy cream, while he chose to use the non-dairy type. I just realized that the color of the non-dairy cream is a lot whiter than the regular dairy cream. Oh, one more thing, we both used raspberry simple syrup to moisten the cake flavored with Razzmatazz (raspberry flavored liqueur).

Pssstt...I think his looks better than mine. Ah, I should have glazed my raspberry, but I was too tired to even think about that. Oddly, I wasn't to tired to glaze his rasp., but didn't even bother with mine. I still have two big bowls of chantily cream but I threw it all away. It hurts when I saw them went down to the drain, but sacrifice had to be made.

There's no need a recipe for this. You can use any kind of sponge cake that you like, use any of your favorite berries, and sweetened whipped cream made from heavyc ream and a little sugar plus any flavoring. This is a very simple cake, yet very refreshing. It reminds me that summer is just around the corner.

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arab said...

Strangely the less white one looks better to me (I believe that's yours) :)
the white one looks nice and well made, like the ones available at any good bakeries out there. But somehow it looks 'sterile'.
The other one looks like it went thru a beaten, less travelled path, looks really home made in a really good sense. Home and bakeries? I'd take home any given day :)
Good job.