Steamed Cheese Brownies

Yes, I know. Brownies mean chocolate, and there's nothing chocolaty here, especially if it's steamed, not baked!! Steamed cake brownies are really popular in Indonesia for the past couple of years (I just heard about it last year). The traditional flavor is chocolate of course, but people are so creative that they modify it to be cheese flavored, pandan flavored, anything you can imagine.

I made the chocolate version a couple of times before and they were good, especially for afternoon snack with a cup of tea or coffee. Usually, I would add a touch of rum inside the chocolate cake batter, and it makes it even better. But personally, I think it was no difference from a regular chocolate cake (the spongy one, not the fudgy), and I'm just okay with any kind of chocolate cake.

This time, I try to experiment with cheese flavor, substituting this with that, add this instead of that, etc. I have never been a fan of any kind of steamed cake either. I just prefer the texture of baked cake better, rather than the steamed one. But steamed cheese brownie has been in my list for a while now. To satisfy my curiosity, I make it anyway. There are always people who'd be gladly eat this anytime :)

The result is quite satisfying. The texture is similar to a butter cake, but softer, and yet dense, just like how brownie should be.

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Hi Bertha....
Nice to visit 'ur blog
mmm.... chesecakenya bener2 bikin ngeces deh... :)