Banana, Caramel and Hazelnut Entremet

I haven't been making lots of entremet lately since it takes quite some time to make and time is very precious to me lately. I went back to work last December after my 4-month maternity leave, and I am busier than ever.

Before I was back to work, I managed to make this banana, caramel, and hazelnut entremet for my nephew's birthday. I wasn't actually in the mood of spending a great deal in the kitchen since sleep was always my preferred action whenever I have any time, but I had some leftover cake components in the freezer that I wanted to use up before they go bad. And I am glad I did because the cake turned out to be delicious! One of the cake I am proud of.

I've always loved the combination of banana and caramel, I love banana in a cake in general, but I have been curious how it might be if I combine it with hazelnut. I've seen some people did it, and in my mind, it would taste great. So what's a better occasion to experiment than your own family's birthday :). When people heard caramel, the first thing they think (at least me) is sweet, sweet, sweet. It is true, caramel is sweet but you can balance it out with salt (LOVE salted caramel!) or make it into a mousse where you can adjust the amount of caramel goes in there.
I had a couple layers of chocolate layer cake available in the freezer, as well as a layer of chocolate hazelnut mousse, so that's going to be the base of my cake. I made a crunchy feuilletine layer (this is a must for me everytime I make any kind of chocolate or hazelnut cake), then I made caramelized bananas and rum raisin filling fromthis recipe as well as the caramel mousse. I had to adjust the caramel mousse to my liking. I used less caramel in the mousse, and added vanilla bean sea salt in it.

Everyone who ate the cake really liked it. It wasn't too sweet, it was very aromatic with banana, and the feuilletine added a perfect crunch which is always great in a cake. Sadly, I didn't write down the adjustment I made to the caramel mousse. I was just keep adding the caramel and tasting it at the same time until it reached my desired sweetness. Same thing with the salt. Next time I make this (which I will), I will make everything again from the beginning, no leftover stuff so that I can really write down the recipe.

I broke the leftover feuilletine into pieces and used it as decoration. For the top, I put some caramel randomly, pour some clear glaze, and smear it with a metal spatula. I really liked how it turned out.

Since then, I have made a couple more but not too many. I am mostly making a simple cake that I can enjoy as a snack these days. 


ELE - ELeIdeeDiEle said...

I can imagine that your life is very very busy now!!!
it's difficult to have time to make cake...but today you show us a wonderful cake!!!
from the base to the top, tell me if I see right:
- feuilletine
- caramel mousse
- chocolate cake
- caramel mousse + banana + raisin
- chocolate cake
- chocoalte hazelnut mousse
- caramel mousse
It's wonderful!!!
I hope you will can write the entire recipe, but if you can't, I copy the idea...
thank you. greetings from Italy! :-)

Bertha said...

Eleonora: Yup you got that right! plus clear glaze on top.
I wish I have the recipe to post but like I said half of it was the leftover ingredients from different cake, I've posted the link where I got the caramel mousse from. I will write the recipe when I make it again :)

Marion said...

Wow! This looks so amazing! I have to try this some day, I love all your recipes so much :)

Bertha said...

Marion: Thank you!

plasterer bristol said...

This sounds super delicious. Thanks for posting and sharing this recipe.


Kim said...

Hi! I wanted to tell you I adore your blog! Your recipes look delicious and are incredibly inspiring. Your pictures are beautfiful and make me drool! Thank you very much for sharing your awesome recipes <3

Makeup Majesty said...

this looks absolutely beautiful! thank you for sharing it. i'm your new follower, happy blogging!

Noella Patricia said...

This looks yummy!!! Ma I know where did you buy your feuilletine? Thanks!

Bertha said...

Noelle Patricia: I bought it at, but I think Amazon has it too

Anonymous said...

Hey Bertha,
I was wondering do you know where I can purchase Desserts by Pierre Herme beside because the new copy and the old copy is to expensive? Can you recommend me a website that sell Desserts by Pierre Herme a new copy with a reasonable price?

Thank you :)

Bertha said...

Anonymous: I just checked and they have third party seller selling the used ones for quite reasonable price

Anonymous said...

Hey Bertha,
I want to wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy new year and I want to wish you happiness, peace, love and health.
May all your wishes come true!

Bertha said...

Anonymous: Thank you! Merry Christmas to you too

Blue Angel said...

Dear Bertha, I hope life affords you a bit of happy breathing space, and you'll reward us by posting again! HAPPY NEW YEAR-!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bertha,
I was wondering is a safe and legit site to order pastry books because I live in Canada and I cant order pastry books from I only can order pastry books from but it so expensive and barnesandnoble is cheaper have you ever order from barnesandnoble before?

Thank you :)

Bertha said...

Blue Angel: Thank you!

Anonymous: Yes, Barnes and Noble are one of the biggest book store in here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bertha,
I notice in your blog you use cake ring in cm and diameter and I don't know what is cm and diameter mean because usually when I buy cake pan, cake ring and silicone molds for example it say 9-in, 10-in, 10 × 2, 10"Dia × 2"D and Size: Ø280 h 47 mm -Ø 11.02 h 1.85 inches Volume: 2,5 L it doesn't say diameter and cm? How do you know how to buy cm and diameter when it doesn't say it? I want to buy TORTAFLEX ROUND CAKE MOLDS but I don't know what cm is because it doesn't say it in the website can you please tell me what cm is because there a recipe that use TORTAFLEX ROUND CAKE MOLDS and I want to use that but it ask for 18cm, 20cm, 22cm and 1 cm in diameter Silicone Mold ~ 13 cm can you please help me?

Thank you so much :)

Bertha said...

Anonymous: round cake rings and cake pans are measured in diameter (the length across the widest part of the pan). So when it says 9", 10", then it is the diameter.

1" (1 inch)=2.54cm. You can also use google to convert it.

Hope that helps

Unknown said...

Hi Ci...baru ketemu blognya ternyata udah lama ga nulis lagi nih? Resep mocca nougatnya belom di renew lagi?

Baru tau ternyata orang sana ga ngerti cm. Hehe
Salam kenal

Unknown said...

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Thank you so much for this wonderful article really!
If someone want to know more about the gourmet I think this is the right place for you!

Margarita Mi said...

This recipe looks delicious!

Lynda said...

Very nicely done and beautiful!