Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with Mango Glaze for A Birthday

Ah. whether has gotten so nice lately and I've also been baking up a storm in my kitchen. I am excited! I guess I should make use of this time as much as I can to bake as I don't think I can bake often enough (or at all) after the baby is born.

So I made this cheesecake about a month ago or so.

After the wedding, I had a lot of roses left from the decoration and I was looking for idea to use it up in a cake, as they are really pretty. A few days after, there was a 42nd wedding anniversary for one of our family members and the birthday of one of them. I was planning to make something romantic for the anniversary cake, something heart-shaped, covered in rose petals, so that I can use up the roses, but the plan got changed. They went out that day and decided to celebrate it the next day, on the birthday.

I was planning to make a cheesecake from the beginning as it takes no time to make and I know that they both like cheesecake. Since it is no longer to celebrate the anniversary, I decided to top the cake with mango glaze, leftover from the wedding cake, also because they told me that they like the mango better than the chocolate one on the wedding. So, it was a snap to make.
Nothing different with the cheesecake. I used Alain Ducasse's recipe for this cheesecake with almond crust. The only thing I made differently than last time is that I baked it at higher temperature 275F for a shorter time (I think it took almost 2.5hrs) because I started making this pretty late already and I didn't want to stay up till 2am waiting for this cheesecake to be done.

I made one big one for the couple celebrating, and one small one for M. He likes his cheesecake plain or with fresh strawberries, so I didn't put anything on top. But we were also sharing some of the smaller cheesecake with someone at work, so I decided to put three different toppings on the cheesecake to make it not-so-plain, chocolate (leftover from chocolate glaze for the wedding cake), mango glaze (also from the wedding) and raspberry. For the raspberry, I simple mixed a bit of the raspberry jam that I made for the wedding with a bit of water to thin it out. It is not as smooth, but it works well. 
Refer here for the recipe


Anonymous said...

How did you make the mango glaze?

Bertha said...

I made a simple translucent glaze, then added mango puree until it has the color I like

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