Nathaniel's 10th Birthday Part I and Winter Cleaning Part II

Weather has not been normal lately. It is that time of the year when the transition happens from Summer to Fall. The temperature has been going up and down lately. It was beautiful sunny 80s last week and it was cold and rainy 55 today and will stay that way for a few days.

M has been super busy too this past few months with both school and work. Date night has been a rarity, as well as quality time together. Our usual night usually involves me cooking for my family, while M is watching lecture, do his homework, or do his work work from home. While the weather sucks outside and while M is at work at 11pm, here I am in my fleece robe and my fluffy socks writing this post. It will be a short one this time.

This is the first part of my other nephew's birthday, Nathaniel, Tobias' older brother. He's the smart one in the family, the mature one, the obedient one, the one with the better taste for food, though he is super skinny despite the amount of food he eats. Anyways, his birthday was a week after Tobias and he wanted to celebrate his birthday with his school friends too. 

Since it was only two days before the combined big birthday celebration (and two different cakes), I decided to make something I could throw together rather quickly. I scanned through my freezer and found many different stuff. I thought combining passion fruit cream, strawberry gelee, and strawberry mousse from the freezer, would be a great idea! I made some simple chiffon cake as a base, also vanilla bean bavarian cream to tie things together. Many kids might choose a fudgy chocolate cake anytime, but not Nathaniel. He is not a fan of chocolate cake, he loves tropical fruits and any fruits really (except durian), passion fruit, lemon, pineapple, raspberry, strawberry, he loves them all.

I wasn't there when they eat the cake but I heard a very very good feedback. I was expecting a leftover for me to try since there weren't that many kids, but it was all gone. I don't think most of the children were familiar with passion fruit flavor, they were curious and interested. I was particularly delighted to hear that one girl kept asking for more and had three slices total. I consider that a success!!

This is the closest picture I got as far as what the inside looks like

While I am on the subject of his birthday, here's his 9th birthday cake last year that I didn't get a chance to post. Poor Nathan, this was also a Winter Cleaning cake. I don't remember what's inside but I think it involves some mango and some raspberry.


Irene said...

Man, I wish you were my relative too! Never tried mixing passionfruit with berries before but sounds great!

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of your work and I think all your cake look stunning and delicious! Do you have the recipe for this cake I would love to try this?

Bertha said...

unfortunately, i dont have a recipe for this one. This cake is a result of random things in the freezer put together