I Am Back

I looked at the date of my last post, it was December 1st, 2012. Five months. It has been that long.

I went to China for 4 month starting early December and I was back early April on business assignment. I was originally scheduled for two months but one thing lead to another and I was there for four months. I wouldn't say that it was all nice and smooth trip, in fact it was quite challenging due to not being able to speak the language (despite my appearance and being Chinese myself). I had culture shock and homesick for the first month I was there, but fortunately, everything seemed easier after.

The good thing about it though, it is definitely an experience, living by myself in a foreign country. I also got to visit many places and I think I caught the travel bug. China is so close to many neighboring countries. Just fly for 1.5 hours, and you'll be in Taiwan, fly for 2 hours, and you'll be in a new country, it was so exciting, and they're affordable too!

I am glad to be back home. Within a few days after I got back (thank God for just a minor jet lag), I was busy with my twin sister's wedding in Texas. I was the maid of honor and I am making macarons for her favors. It was quite overwhelming as I hadn't been baking for so long. I was so fortunate to have a baker friend helping me baking some of the macarons.

I am back to my old busy schedule now and back to my usual baking schedule. I visited the farmers' market for the first time this year and I am so excited. There are still many desserts from last year I haven't posted and I am working on post them at a time!

It is good to be back :)


CupcakeMaids said...

Yeah! I was already worried.I really missed you and your lovely pics of delicous food! Looking forward to your upcoming posts.

Claudia from Germany

Hannah @HannahHandmade said...

YEAH! I am SO EXCITED YOUR BACK! I have held onto your blog address hoping you start up back again! Keep blogging and posting photos of your food! I have an idea for you... make a series of post just about macaroons! You should make a video about it, very detailed. No one has any videos of how to make them!!!! There are recipes, but still, videos show exactly how you do it! :)


Bertha said...

Hannah: That is a good idea! But first, I need to find someone who is willing to help me hold the camcorder and show me how to post it :)

Coconilla said...

i'm so glad you're back, i've been checking back every week or so, so it was a lovely surprise to see you're back! look forward to a feast of pics and entries.

Myrna said...

It was December 2011, my dear :P

samar said...

gawd just out of curiosity i recheked thid blog because i love your baking AND YOU ARE BACK SO SO EXCITED