Giveaway Winner

I didn't mean it to be this long to post the winner for the giveaway from the previous post, but it was busy busy busy. I'm typing this while sipping my coffee in the morning after baking a batch of cake base (more batches later), and hurrying to get to work.

Anyways, without further a do, after filtering unqualified comments (double comments, people residing outside US & Canada, etc), using, the winner is (drumroll please) Cynthia

Congratulation Cynthia! CSN will contact you for the information directly to send the gift card.

I have to leave this post at that now, cake and more cakes are coming soon. I wish I have 48 hours in one day and only 8 hours of working hour or none at all :).

Have a great Monday everybody!


Cynthia said...

How exciting! Thank you

Breadpitt said...

hey bertha...u had facebook?...mind adding me in?