Spring Cleaning Part II: Mango Tart

The Spring Cleaning is taking a little longer than expected, it was three months ago since I started my first one. I did have quite a few list of things to make from the "leftovers" but for some reason, a lot of them did get used up for something, which is good, I guess. It's not Spring anymore, it's Summer (yay!), but I still call it Spring Cleaning as I've never heard of Summer Cleaning before :)

This time, everything seems like it was meant to be for this tart. You probably guessed it right that I have just two 4" baked tart shell from making key lime tartelettes (not featured in this blog), one ripe small mango, two 3" of frozen mango mousse. I did have to make the custard filling for the tart which was a breeze to make, it was just a simple custard made with whole egg, a little cream, and sugar, baked inside the tart shell. Then, I put slices of mango on top of the cooled custard, placed the frozen mango mousse on top, put a strawberry for decoration and color and voila! you got one of the tastiest and simplest mango tart ever! A pile of raspberry, mint leaf, and white choc decor would probably look great on these, but strawberry did the justice just fine.

I love the yellow color of this tart! It reminds me of sunny warm summer day, sitting on the back porch with a cup of tea, hmm....

So, please don't throw away those leftovers you have, be it just a little of any mousse, jelly, sponge cake scraps, cream cheese frosting, sugar syrup, or anything at all, you can always transform them to something totally delicious with just a little extra effort!

I'm enjoying the best of California weather at the moment, clear blue sky with a little streak of white clouds here and there, warm sun, birds chirping and crisp weather in the morning, ahh... simple pleasure :)

- Pate sucree (leftover from this, don't poke holes on the tart if you will bake a runny custard in it)
- Custard (made with egg, sugar, and cream, baked inside the tart shell until set in the middle)
- Fresh mango slices
- Mango mousse (leftover from this)


WendyinKK said...

Yeah, with just a little bit of creativity, leftovers can be stunners :)

Chocolate Shavings said...

What a great way to use fresh mango!

Bria said...

These are absolutely beautiful!! I also made some mango tarts this past weekend, but are not nearly as gorgeous as yours. I love all the different layers and textures you incorporated!

doughboy said...

Hello GB,I came across your blog when I was looking for Pistachio Creme for my Frazier. I'm a trained baker, and I had to tell you, I love your blog. Your cakes are so neat, beautiful, and you have such talent.We use to make fraziers at the bakery I used to work at, and they looked almost identical to yours. I love your pictures of all of your desserts. Please keep posting, as it inspires many people I'm sure.

Kris Ngoei said...

Beautiful mango tart! The addition of an extra layer with a strawberry decoration is so pleasing to the eyes!!

Sawadee from Bangkok,

Bertha said...

Wendyywy: It is so true, loving those leftovers, except the fact that they occupied my frige/freezer, but that should be another reason why I should by an extra one :)

Chocolate Shavings: Thanks! I love mango!

HollowPeas: I'm sure yours is wonderful too :)

doughboy: Thank you so much for such a compliment, it surely encourages me :).

bake in paris: I'm a fan of your work! Your work is truly amazing

Unknown said...

I can't believe you made all of this out of leftovers. It's stunning. Can I pleasee have the recipe??

Hearty Bakes said...

Your mango tarts look refreshing and fruitilicious good!

Bertha said...

Avanika: I've updated the post with the components and the recipe of the leftover links. Feel free to email me if you have any question

Hearty Bakes: Thank you :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Bertha. I'm going to check if we still have any mangoes, and try this if we do!

Sarah said...

Hello fellow food blogger! Love your blog and I love this recipe idea, so cute!

I was wondering, have you ever blog hopped before? We'd love it if you contributed this awesome tart idea to our blog hop on favorite spring-time recipes. It's a great way to get links back to your site. Hope to see you there!

You can check out the blog hop here:



Sell WoW Accounts said...

WoW! absolutely delicious. . love this one mouthwatering.=)

Anonymous said...

mango tart recipe
super easy recipe.. i love the flavour of mangoe

Unknown said...

super easy recipe .. love the flavour of mangoe..