Planning A Baby Shower for A Friend

This is the last event in last week, which happened on Saturday. Part of the reason why I didn't have time to make a big cake for the baby shower at work (see previous post), is because I was busy planning this baby shower (other than the fact that it was on a weekday). It is indeed for the same mom-to-be (yes, we're both working in the same company and among the same group of friends :D).

We started the planning on and off for about a month maybe, from setting up a date where everybody can make it, the place, food, budget, gift, etc. It was a little challenging finding a place that could hold up 50 people, but fortunately, one of us has a club house in their house area that can be reserved with no charge. It is a big room with a kitchen (and a fridge) and bathroom, it also has two long tables, which is perfect for any of our party that almost always involves around 50 people :D. We don't have any particular theme for this party, which makes it easier somewhat so that my ideas are not limited to certain color or theme.

We had a complete meal for dinner, some selection of dessert, and also a small cake, on a tight budget, so we had to be wise planning everything out but still make everything looks nice and presentable. We had someone kindly offered to cook some of the meal which helped us to cut the budget.

- Chinese-style fried noodle (home-made)
- Assorted stir-fried veggies and meatballs (home-made)
- Panda-Express Orange Chicken
- Panda-Express Beijing Beef

Dessert and Drinks:
- 6" fondant cake
- Indonesian cheese-cake squares
- Fruit platter
- Chocolate-dipped strawberries
- Guava and strawberry punch

Some of you might raise your eyebrow reading the Panda Express meal, well, there's a story to it. We were planning on ordering some food from our favorite restaurant like we normally do, but when we're calling ahead 1.5 hours before the party, no one picked up the phone and after a quick visit to the restaurant, it turned out that they're closed on vacation for a few weeks. I hit myself in the head for not confirming this and call way ahead of time. So we had to come up with plan B and the choice was Panda Express just because it's close to the party place and we can order trays of food in no time. It probably wasn't the best choice of party food but at that time, I'm just glad that there were food on the table.

I was able to use some of my newly-bought cake stands and dessert platters, I particularly love the cake stand with the ribbon, so cute and the best part is, I can change the ribbon to match the color theme of the party, superb! On a side note, I found that Michael's (art & craft store) are having their annual sale this week, I bought lots of ribbons with 60% discount the other day! Apparently, I am in love with all things polka-dots lately as almost all the ribbons I bought were all sorts of combination colors of polka-dots!

Congratulations to I and V for the upcoming baby girl, can't wait to see her :)


Unknown said...

Thank You Bertha...:) It was a Grrreat Party as always..:)
even with all the tight budget , you made it like a classy one.. those yummy strawberry choc, those itsy bitsy 'kue keju'..yummyyy...
dang i missed the cutting cake though..:(...CARE TO MAKE ME ONE??.PLZZZZZZZZZZ

Frances said...

Luv the cherry sponge cake that you posted! Do you mind if you can post the recipe for the old fashioned sponge cake?

Thank you so much! :)

Bertha said...

Frances: The cherry sponge cake is actually just a plain sponge with plain buttercream and I put lots of shredded cheese on top (a different kind of cheese). It is a traditional Indonesian cake.
The sponge cake itself is also Indonesian as it uses LOTS of egg yolks and LOTS of melted butter. I prefer not to post the recipe for the Indonesian sponge as many people have tried and failed due to the huge amount of butter and it resulted in a thick layer underneath the cake after baking.

I would suggest using any kind of sponge cake that you are used to. Or use chiffon cake layer instead. I've posted the recipe before in "Green Tea Ice Cream Cake" post.