Black Raspberry, White Peach Jelly and Mascarpone Mousse Cake

This is the third cake in a row last week, out of four (not counting the mini cakes). I almost officially feel like I want to take a break from baking for a week, but of course that'll never happen. There are so many delicious things to try and since time is very precious to me, I won't be wasting it :).

To be honest, I was completely exhausted before starting this cake but there's no way that I would buy a cake for Lawrence, one of our close co-worker friends :). Not having the time to do a full shopping, I tried to use what I had at home. Besides, I almost always have heavy cream, assorted frozen fruits purees, different type of chocolates, gelatin, eggs readily available at home, so I'm good. I had some white peach puree that I froze last summer and also a little frozen black raspberry left in the bag. Remember my depression when I found that Trader Joe's no longer had black raspberry? I was completely devastated, and I saved the last half-full bag in the freezer until now. I figured that sooner or later, it had to be used, it can't stay in the ferezer forever. I did some research and there is two or three farms that sells them frozen, the problem is just that I have to buy it in bulk quantity and there's no way I could use up 10lbs of black raspberry by myself.

Okay, back to the cake. I baked vanilla bean cotton sponge cake and layered it with white peach gelee, black raspberry gelee, and mascarpone mousse. I didn't have enough puree for the black raspberry jelly and I had to add a little red raspberry puree to it. The taste of the white peach is barely noticeable, the subtle taste was completely overpowered by the other flavors. So I probably won't be using it in mousse or jelly form in the future, as a cut-up fruit inside of the cake might be nice. I was using my 8" square cake ring for the first time. It was a little too short, only 2" high, so the cake looked short (or was short). I was going to trim all four edges so that it showed the different layers, but I cancelled that idea since it will make the cake smaller considering the short height. I was completely blank for the decor, I think I came up with this super simple decor about 20 minutes before I had to leave for work.

Although I wasn't too happy with the decor, the most important thing is that everybody loved the cake!! It was indeed a very light cake, far from fulfilling. We are all Asians afterall, so we have the same taste in cake, not too sweet, light as feather, and refreshing :D

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