Spring-Themed Birthday Cake

It seems like this blog has been more like a weekly update rather than a blog. My apology for not replying your emails immediately or your comments, but I'm working on it as well as posting more posts and recipe including the past recipes that I promised on the previous posts.

I think you know pretty well already how excited I am at this time of the year (despite the fact the I mentioned it over and over again :D). I've been going to farmers' market every Sunday for the last 1.5 months or so. Not that I always needed to buy something, but I just love being in the crowd, watching the fresh produce, sampling different things, especially under a warm California sun (although it has been raining lately :( ). Strawberry has been showing up everywhere and it's always hard for me to resist them everytime I go, but I've been good so far in terms of self-control.

For the past two years, I've been buying strawberries from the same stall every summer. They sell the best, the sweetest strawberries I've ever had, but I've been disappointed this year. Everytime I visit their stall, I expected the strawberries to be the same as the year before, but they're not as sweet anymore :(. Nonetheless, I will still excited anyway to see and always eager to make something with them everytime I see them. You see, strawberry is the kind of fruit that I enjoy more when I'm making something with it instead of eating it straight. Don't ask me why, but that's just the way it is. The same thing goes for raspberries, hmm... I guess all berries?? I always think of different ways, flavor combination to use berries for dessert.

Now, last Thursday was my boss' birthday. I've always wanted to make a birthday cake for him and so I did. He was a little shy about his birthday but we all had a short little celebration for him. The cake itself is a two-tiered cake, the bottom is 8" square and the top is 6" round. I thought it's gonna take me quite a while to make this, but surprisingly it wasn't. The top 6" tier has two layers of vanilla sponge cake that I already had on hand with mango cheesecake layer as the bottom filling (from the chilled mango cheesecake leftover filling the I froze in a 6" mold). I just made a layer of strawberry flavored cheesecake for the top layer and to cover the sides of the cake. The bottom tier has two layers of cream cheese cotton cake that I flavored with lemon zest, thin layer of fragrant blueberry filling and cream cheese mousse on top of each cake.

The decoration didn't take too long either. I just made white chocolate fence early in the morning, put them on and stacked the strawberries (this turned out to be the start of a disaster later on). So I drove away with the cake, thinking that everything is gonna be alright. When I got to work, the chocolate fence were falling off the cake, some of them were broken, the strawberries were all over the place, it was ugly. I tried to calm myself down, I didn't have time to fix it as I had work to do and I was late already (as usual). When I had the chance to fix it, it wasn't as pretty as it was before. It doesn't matter how hard I try, I thought they looked ugly, the strawberries were dirty from the cream, the chocolate fence wasn't straight anymore ; ;. I knew that I shouldn't put the strawberries at home, they're just too heavy, but I did the best I can to make it look acceptable.

Despite all the mess, it was very well-received by the crowd :P. I like how it looks, it doesn't look over-the-top, but simple and clean, and definitely scream Spring! I'm submitting this cake for Spring Cake Event for Monthly Mingle #32 hosted by Meeta. You can view the event on her blog or the official page of Monthly Mingle


Meeta K. Wolff said...

i do not know what you are talking about!! the cake looks incredible and am so happy you are bringing this to the mingle! hugs!

Bertha said...

Thanks Meeta, I'm happy to participate. Can't wait to see what others have came up with! lots of hugs back :D

The Food Hunter said...

the cake looks great. I'm having a birthday soon. Maybe you can make me one :-)

Breadpitt said...

gosh...this reminds me a cake that i once dream ta make till now its not accomplish yet.......! birthday cake request never ends right...it just keeps on coming;-p

Bertha said...

the food hunter: sure...come over here and I'll make you one :D. Happy birthday to you (or belated? or soon to be?)!!!

breadpitt: LOL! this cake is nothing compared to the amazing creation you make

Breadpitt said...

hey....plz don compare like that, im still just a apprentice;-)