Chiffon Cake Madness

There's not much to say really about this cake. I had to make eight chiffon cakes for our church's snack this past Sunday for about 150 people. With only two pans and another one borrowed from a dear friend, I thought it was gonna be frustrating, but it wasn't too bad. The thing is, you have to wait for the cake to be completely cooled before you can unmold and re-use the pan, that's the most time-consuming part.

I decided to make three flavors, the all-time favorite pandan of course, mocha rum (added some kind of very fragrant rum paste. gotta love coffee-rum combo :D), and trying out raspberry swirl flavor. I thought of the last choice mainly for the kids really. I used a kind of raspberry paste I bought from Indonesian that I haven't used for a while. I love the smell, very fragrant although it barely smells like the real raspberry :D. But I love this combination. Somehow, I get more excited to see plain white chiffon (swirled in this case) rather than mocha or pandan or anything. I don't know why but I just love the clean-ness of the color and you can really tell how light it is. I think it resembles clouds, which is exactly the texture of chiffon cakes, light as cloud.

After slicing, I think I got about 230 slices out of those eight cakes, which is surprising as I expected to get about 185 slices. I was a little worried at the time about having too much leftover cakes. But little did I know that this plain old cake went by so quickly. They were all gone before I had the chance to taste it. It's always a good thing, right? Always a great "unspoken" compliment :D

I wish I had gotten better pictures but I was already late for church that day. So, just took whatever available at the table at that time.


Anonymous said...

Wow! your chiffon look so perfect, moist & fluffy? Look better than the one sold at store. Mine is not always perfect and came out wet at the top. I wish I'm your neighbor to have some advice. Can u tell me the size of you tube pan & at what temperature you bake it? It's possible to share you raspberry swirl chiffon recipe? Thanks & appreciated!

Bertha said...

anonymous, thank you for the comment :D, I wish you're my neighbor too, not because so that I can give you advice of course, but so that I can give all the cakes to you :).

i think chiffon is one of the easiest cakes to make. If you tell me what's wrong with it exactly, I might be able to help.

My chiffon pan used for this is about 9.5in on the bottom and 10.5in at the top. Chiffon is usually baked at 350F. No particular recipe really for the rasp. swirl. it's just plain vanilla chiffon, then I took a little batter and fold in raspberry essence, that's all :)

Tan said...

Hi, I'd love to reach for a bite of those cakes. I tried baking a chiffon but it came out like a genoise. Can you share the recipe for plain chiffon or is it a secret?

Tan Na

Anonymous said...

Wow..your chiffon cakes so perfect! Wonder why mine always "shinked"? appreciate your advice. Mind to share your recipe? Thanks & regards

Anonymous said...

can you share your recipe? i've been having no luck with making a bigger chiffon cake... i've been very successful with a 6" cake but can't seem to master a larger size.