Black Forest Cake

Another black forest post. It has been a while though since I made black forest. I don't normally make the same cake more than two times, unless if it's a cake order.

It was one of my dearest coworkers birthday last week and he requested black forest cake for his birthday cake a month before :), it is his ultimate favorite cake. Having made black forest cake many times before, of course I'd happily approve it :D

There are nothing much too say about this cake. Just the usual black forest cake components (my way) with three layers of dark chocolate sponge, moisten heavily with rum solution, filled with a layer of rum whipped cream, dark sweet cherries, a layer of chocolate cream, and frosted with the rest of rum whipped cream. Maraschino cherries and dark chocolate shavings make a traditional finish to the black forest cake. What I love about cake like this is that you don't have to think hard about how you're gonna decorate it. Black forest has it's particular look. Of course I can always decorate it all I want, but why would I? I want people to know that it's black forest cake inside, and not a mousse cake or anything.

So, here it is. I guess the most time-consuming part of this cake is the chocolate shaving part. I have never been good with chocolate. I don't usually temper my chocolate if I make some decoration with it (yeesss, I know how bad untempered chocolate can be), it was time consuming, messy, more bowls and spatula to be washed, etc. But I tempered it this time. The room temperature was too cold to work with chocolate that night, it was 17-18 C. I'm not a chocolate expert at all but I believe room temperature of 20-22 C is best to work with chocolate? Anyways, I wanted to have more long choc. curls but the chocolate set too quickly. The worst part of working with choc, is of course when it's time to clean up. I'm just glad I'm not a chocoholic which means that I don't make chocolate cake that often. But wait, umm...if I am a chocoholic, I don't think I would mind at all cleaning up the chocolate mess as long as I get one decadent chocolate cake, do I :D?

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