Vanilla Chiffon With Cheese

As far as I remember, out of the many chiffon cakes I made, pandan, pandan with cheese, mocha, durian, etc., somehow I've never made the vanilla version. I did once or twice but it was about one or two years ago. No particular reason, it was probably because I always thought that vanilla or plain flavor is too boring.

So, I made a couple of pandan chiffon cakes the other day to give to some friends, and I managed to squeeze in one vanilla chiffon that I've been wanting to make for maybe a month. Fortunately, I have a little buttercream leftover in the fridge, perfect amount to cover this 8-in chiffon cake, then covered the whole cake with cheese and voila!

Believe it or not, I RARELY eat the chiffon cakes I made. I always made it for other people. And even if I make it for people at the house, I don't usually eat it, well I might taste it a little. There's something about eating your own cake :P. But this time, I actually ate it, a couple of slices I might add :D. I was surprised that the texture is super light and super soft. Gave half of the cake to my brother and his wife and they devoured it completely. I can't decide whether I like this vanilla-cheese combination better or the pandan with cheese. I will gladly take both of them anytime :).

Here is a picture of the last slice that I managed to capture


Anonymous said...

Wow.. you put generous amount of cheese on it. Slurpp..
Happy new year ^^

Bertha said...

yup, we loovee cheese around here :)
Happy new year to you too ;)

Hany said...

Berthaa.... what kind of cheese do you use for this cake? ^_^ In Indo, my mom used to use Kraft cheddar... but I can't find it here anymore.

Bertha said...

Hany, I used Indonesian Kraft cheese and no other cheese can substitute for it. It's a processed cheese and can't really be called true cheese :). I brought it from Indo. Lion and Ranch99 used to sell this but they don't carry it anymore. You can buy it online though