Durian Chiffon Cake

This is actually my second attempt experimenting with durian chiffon cake recipe. Well, maybe the third but the first one was completely followed a recipe to the tee. For the last two attempts, I tried to make my own recipe from scratch. After making chiffon cakes for so many times, it's not hard to approximate how much each ingredient you need to make the texture you like.

The previous one failed on me about 3 or 4 months ago. I didn't bake the cake long enough, apparently the bottom wasn't cooked enough that it collapsed or fell when I turned it upside down. But I really liked the flavor and the texture. My brother (who didn't know that it was a failed cake) even asked me to bake another one. I've been dying to make another one ever since, but never had a good durian so far.

Well, I had some durian leftover from last week that I froze. This time, the durian is pretty flavorful and so I determined to make another durian chiffon cake! I rescaled the recipe I had for 8-in pan instead of 10-in, but decided to use the full amount of durian pulp in the batter because I thought it wasn't going to give enough durian flavor. This time, the chiffon loves me. It baked beautifully. The smell of durian immediately filled the whole house (I know some people would consider me crazy). The texture is so light and fluffy and moist and the durian flavor is intense too. I can't describe it until you try it yourself :P

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