Death by Chocolate Cake

It's very rare that I would make something with chocolate, especially if it contains all chocolate all the way, like this cake. Then why would I make this cake?

Well, the reason is because I have quite a lot of Belgian dark chocolate that I've had for a while. Not being a chocolate fan, I can tell you that 10lbs of 72% Belgian dark chocolate can last for a VERY long time. Oddly, most of my friends don't like chocolate. I mean they don't hate it or anything, they will eat it if it's the only flavor available, it's just not the flavor they would pick if they have to choose between chocolate cake or fruit-flavored cake.

And then I found out that two of my coworkers are true chocolate addicts. You know, the kind who won't eat chocolate if it's less than 70% dark. Well I think this is perfect and so I promised them a death by chocolate cake will be coming soon. Week after week went by so fast before I know it. There's always something came up whenever I wanted to make the cake. After three week delay, I finally made it.

The cake has two layers of soft and moist chocolate sponge cake, brushed with cocoa syrup, layered with dark chocolate ganache and dark chocolate mousse, encased with chocolate sheet and dusted with a little cocoa powder. I guess chocolate lovers would like chocolate cake with fudgy and creamy ganache, and covered with ganache too, but I always try not to have the same kind of filling for a two-layer cake. I want to have the texture combination and flavor too. It's very unusual that I don't put some sort of liqueur in this cake. Well, not that I forgot or anything. One of the guy specifically told me that he doesn't like rum in his chocolate cake. He likes to keep his booze and his cake separate :). So, here it is, a Death by Chocolate Cake.

And I am so glad that everybody liked it. I tasted a small spoonful of it and it wasn't as bitter as I thought it would be and to be honest, I quite like it. A small piece of course, one step at a time :). I still have about 2-3lbs of chocolate left and I have so many ideas how to make use of it. I'll just have to find the perfect "victim" ;).


Ully said...
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Ully said...

Hi Bertha, you're truly awesome. Just stumbled upon your blog, and I love everything you've made (well..from the way the look, I am sure the taste were awesome as well)...

Are you Indonesian btw? I see that you have quiet many cakes with Indonesian names, such as Putu Ayu, Nastar, etc

Bertha said...

Hi Ully, thank you for the sweet comment :).
yes, I am from Indonesia. I just visited one of your blog and I see that you are too?? :)