Rainbow Chilled Cheesecake

Trying out a new recipe last weekend for chilled cheesecake, also to use up the leftover cream cheese that had been sitting in the fridge for a couple of months :). This cheesecake has three layers, which are strawberry, lemon, and blueberry.

I was a little skeptical at first when I read the recipe. It uses jam to flavor each layer, except the lemon, and it doesn't even specify the amount of the jam needed. I wasn't sure that jam alone is enough to flavor the cheesecake and besides, jam is very sweet. I was going to use fruit puree instead, but the thought of puree-ing each fruit and the clean-up afterwards, made me change my mind. Since this is just a first try out, I didn't even bother to get the layer perfectly straight.I should have used piping tips to put each layer, but it was such a hassle. So, I used spoon instead :P. You can tell how lazy I was that day (and busy too with other cakes :D). All I wanted to know is how the texture would be. Is it firm enough yet still smooth and silky, or is it too stiff, is it too soft. I didn't think that going through all the hassle of puree-ing and cleaning up the blender (which I hate) were worth it for a first try out.

I tried the cheesecake yesterday and to my surprise, it actually tastes good. It's a little too sweet for my taste, which I kind of thought it would be. The flavor of each layer is not too pronounced though.
I can't wait to try the second try. It's not gonna be soon though. I'll definitely use fruit puree this time and make the layer straight. Also, since I'm a big fan of raspberry, I'll use raspberry, mango, and blueberry for my next try. Can't wait to see how it'd turn out.

Again, I don't bother decorating it. Saw some leftover cream and pipe it on top, add red cherry and I'm done. It tastes better than how it looks though :). I brought it to my work and everybody seemed to raved about it. They can't wait for me to bring my second experiment :)


Unknown said...

ber, actually it's kind of an art the fact that it's not too straight between the layers. it's nice, and i wouldn't know if it's supposed to be straight as long as it taste good :P

Bertha said...

i don't think the un-even-ness of this cheesecake is an art form :).