Cheese Swiss Roll (Indonesian Version)

It's been a while I haven't made this cake. I used to make this all the time, but got tired of it for a while :). Besides, there are so many cakes I want to experiment with, so this cake was forgotten for some time :).

Made this cake today for a dear friend. Hope he'll enjoy it as much as he did. Indonesian swiss roll is heavier than what we normally call swiss roll here. It's still sponge-based, but uses a lot more egg yolks, compared to the egg whites, and it also uses a little amount of flour compared to the rest of the ingredients. It makes a dense, yet a very soft and moist cake (due to the amount of yolks and butter), combined with simple buttercream and shredded cheese (not any kind of cheese though), it's a pleasure on its own :). Red maraschino cherry and buttercream swirl are the staple decoration for this kind of cake.


Bunawan Kurnia said...

Salam kenal,boleh minta resep lengkapnya engak?

Nathania said...

I'm sorry, I've been asking you so many questions, but i'm really curious with what kind of cheese I'm suppose to use for this cake...if you don't mind telling. I'm indonesian too, but now I live in canada, my bf's birthday is coming up so i'm looking for birthday cake ideas.

Thanks a lot!

PS: You have made some AWESOME cakes!

Unknown said...

Are you willing to share the recipe? I used to live in Bogor, Indonesia and this was a favourite of mine from Bread Talk. Please let me have the recipe! I need some nostalgia. Thank you. :)

Bertha said...

I didn't realized that there were some comments I didn't answer. This post is so old so I guess that was the time when I was still trying to figure out how do I get notification when a new comment pops up. I apologize.

As for the cake recipe, I just searched through my file and unfortunately, I didn't write down the recipe I used for this one :(. But it was the regular Indonesian sponge cake that has lots of egg yolks. I'll be sure to write down and post the recipe next time I made it

The cheese used in this cake is processed cheese, not like any cheese we find here in the US. It is sweeter and more milky tasting.