Cat's Tongue

Tried a new recipe for Cat's tongue, using different technique. I was kind of skeptical at first, judging from the method, but I tried it anyway to fulfill my curiosity. But to my surprise, it actually yield a good result texturewise. Tastewise, I think I need to put more vanilla powder in it and substitute some of the powdered sugar with granulated sugar, as I don't really like the powdery taste if the p. sugar, even after it's baked. It tastes a little 'flour-y', and of course because it contains quite a bit of cornstarch in it.

Cat's Tongue in Indonesia is very strong in vanilla, not just regular vanilla extract we normally know, but Indonesia vanilla powder. It is white in color and not completely powdered, you can see a little granules or bits in it, whatever you want to call it.

Other than that, my niece likes it a lot. She kept coming back for more. Or, maybe she was just interested in it because of the name??? hmm.....

I also tried my new cat's tongue pan I brought specially from Indonesia. You can always pipe it, but this way, it would give you uniform shape, right? It wouldn't change the taste no matter what.

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