Castle Cake

This is the other cake I made last weekend. I was thinking of making my own pillar and the stuff that a castle has, but as usual, I didn't have time (other than two cakes, I had to cook too). So, I bought Wilton castle kit. I though I just need to stick those stuff inside the cake and be done with it. But it came in plain white, undecorated pillar. That means, I still have to spend some time decorating each of them, with buttercream and colored sugar sprinkle.

I guess I'm not that good making kids cake. I don't have the patience of coloring buttercream with different colors, piping those different color buttercream into different shapes, not to mention it's a pain to wash all the bowls with buttercream in it. At the end of the day, I just didn't care about it anymore. The turrets that I've decorated fell and messed up the buttercream decoration and such. I was way too tired that Saturday night that I went to bad anyway although there are still a couple of close friends downstairs. But I got up early to finish the cake.

The cake looked fine before it got transported to the church. It was a disaster. I watched the turrets collapsed one by one with a huge pain. I knew it was gonna happen though, but I just didn't have time to decorate on site. A little part of the cake was ruined and it looked terrible. The weird thing is, I can laugh about it when it happened. I guess I was beyond stressed. Usually, I would literally go crazy if something happened to my cake, even if it just something like "oh, I forgot to put vanilla or liqueur in it", although it would be still perfectly fine.

So I transported the cake and put it inside the nursery room, where my niece's class is. The eight turrets had fallen and I put back the smaller four, putting the bigger four next to the cake wishing that the mom can put it back in the cake when they're ready to cut. After the service, I asked her and she didn't know anything about the other four turrets!! The cake must have been terrible and ugly. It was really messy, I couldn't stand watching it. Luckily, it was for small kids and the birthday girl is my own niece. Kids don't care about perfection right? All they care is that there's a castle cake in front of them and they're about to eat it.

Again, I imagine how much the leftover would be as it was a two-tier cake, way too big for a class of 10 kids plus a teacher and a couple of helper. But when I went to visit, the cake was almost gone! It seems like everybody liked it and so they told other people to try it. So, everybody went into that room. And I didn't get a piece. I know how it tasted like from the scraps I made at home.

The cake has three layers of soft cotton sponge cake in each tier. It has cream cheese mousse for the filling with a thin layer of blueberry paletta underneath each layer of mousse. The whole thing is also covered with cream cheese mousse. Blueberry paletta is a kind of blueberry jam I got from Indonesia when I went back last month. It was a great product. Although the name is "blueberry" and the color is exactly the same purple as the regular blueberry jam you got here, it barely tastes like blueberry. It is very fragrant, tastes and smells like a candy probably. I just love it. I thought some kind of cream cheese filling would be a perfect pair to this blueberry wonder. Judging from the rave reviews, I think I will put this combo in my file. Now, I just need to remember what ingredients I used and how much :)

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