Proll Tape Keju (Fermented Cassava Cake with Cheese)

Just so you know, I haven't disappeared from the surface of the earth. I'm still here and just got back from my trip about 4 days ago. I haven't baked for more than a month now and my hands are itchy to mix some batter, weigh ingredients, fold and whisk, all those baking stuff (except the washing dishes part).

I brought back some fermented cassava from Indonesia (you can google it to see what it is, in case you don't know). I love this stuff, although I can't eat much in one sitting. You could probably get drunk if you eat too much of it :). It produces alcohol as it ferments. After a few days, it got too 'mature' that it's too strong and soft to be eaten plain. I've been dying to make some cake using this stuff, but never had the privilege to do it. I even tried to make my own fermented cassava twice but they're both failed. I was so excited to find lots of fermented cassava while I was in Indonesia (well, of course. it's originated there, duh) and couldn't wait to make something out of it.

So, here is my first fermented cassava cake. I'm not sure if it can be called a cake. The texture is very different from a normal sponge cake. It's super moist because of the addition of the cassava. It's not a "dry" type of cake, instead it's dense, yet moist and soft, not to mention very fragrant. I couldn't decide which kind of cake I wanted to make because there are so many things you can do with it, but I finally settle on this type of cake, adding some shredded "the-milky-creamy-and slightly sweet" processed cheese that we all love. I still have a little bit of left the cassava in the fridge and I'm excited to make another version of cake using this :)


Yossi said...

Welcome back, Bertha! :) So happy to see your new post!

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Hi bertha
loved this cassava cake.

Bertha said...

Yossi: Thank Yos! I just visited your blog and your cakes look awesome!!!

Anamika: Thank you, It is a very fragrant and moist cake. Very suitable for afternoon snack with tea or anytime for me :)