Mini Soft Bread

It feels like it has been forever since the last time I made a bread. Last weekend, I had some free time (amazingly) and I decided to make some bread for my niece's and nephew's breakfast. I just got some new paper cup for individual bread and I couldn't wait to use it.

This is the same recipe as the Soft Bread I made before, but just shaped differently. I also substitute the water with cream. I had to add more than what the recipe called for because the texture between the two is different. I filled it with raisin, homemade pineapple jam (my nephew's fave), cheese, chocolate, bananas, the usual fillings that are always available in the house. I didn't know how much dough I need to put inside each cup, so they're not as high as I wanted. But who cares, as long as my niece and nephew are happy, I'm happy too :)

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