Durian Puffs

Got two frozen durians from my friend 1.5 weeks ago. I had sooo much ideas making some durian desserts, such as durian swiss roll, durian cheesecake, durian mousse cake, you name it. But after I found out that the fruit wasn't tasty and sweet at all (maybe a little), I was completely turned off. So, I changed gear and made durian puffs instead for my friend's farewell party that day.

I made this once or twice before, but this time, I had to add much more durian meat than what I made before. I used about the whole durian to make the pastry cream filling to make the durian taste more pronounced.

It's a bummer though that I overbaked the choux a little. You can see that it's a little too brown for pate a choux. The texture was a little dry compared to my usual, but it's still good anyway.
I don't have a picture that shows the filling though. This picture was taken in the car.

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