Fondant Birthday Cake

My friend called me on Saturday night if I could and would make a birthday cake for two friends in her bible study group for Monday. I just couldn't say no although I had the whole day planned already for Sunday. Since I need to bring the cake to work, and before work, I have a class, the cake needs to be something that doesn't need refrigeration. I will leave the cake in the car for 2 hrs. under the sun. It wouldn't be pretty if I make some mousse cake and it all melted.

So, since all her bible study group loves the Indonesian classic cheesecake that I make many times before, I decided to go with this one again, and of course she didn't mind.

Instead of the usual 3 layers of yellow vanilla sponge cake, I use one pandan sponge cake for the middle layer, so when cut, you can see the pretty green and yellow cake color.
But this time, I don't want to decorate it the same way as the other ones before. I decided using fondant to cover the whole cake. I didn't have much time to decorate this cake at all. I started decorating it on Monday morning before I went to school and work.

So here's what I came up with. I wanted to cover the bottom border with fondant pearls but I just didn't have time. I don't have a larger satin ribbon, so I had to go with the small one :(. The piping is not so nice either (it was piped in such a hurry). It's not smooth at all.

The end result looks more like a bridal shower cake rather than a birthday cake. I think it's because the ivory color and the flowers. I need to practice more with fondant to get a very smooth surface.

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