Black Forest Cake with a Twist

It's been a while since the last time I updated this blog. I've been super busy being a full-time student, an employee, and a soccer mom for my niece and nephew. It's just way too long if I have to describe my responsibilities. Not to mention the preparation for the upcoming big event in a couple of weeks (more of this later) and other stuff. I feel dizzy just thinking about it.

I made some stuff during these past couple of weeks, but didn't bother taking a picture or blog about it. They're just regular stuff, such as chiffon cake, swiss roll, etc. But I made a birthday cake yesterday.

So, I just realized on Tue afternoon that my sister-in-law birthday is on Thursday the same week. I freaked out a little. Usually, it takes me a couple of days at least to think about what cake I want to make, size, decorations, timing, and everything. I always try not to make the same cake over and over again, so I can practice and experiment more, unless it is an order from someone else and they want the cake I've made before. So, not being able to decide quickly and doing tons of other stuff at the same time, I decided to make black forest cake. She likes chocolate, and besides, she's never tried my Black Forest cake before. But this time, I added a twist to it. I added a thin layer of blueberry preserves in between the layers. So, the components of the cake are chocolate sponge cake, rum simple syrup, blueberry preserves, rum whipped cream, black cherry, and chocolate cream. The whole thing is then covered with rum whipped cream and decorated with dark chocolate fence and red maraschino cherries.

I haven't tasted the cake though since I was so full last night and wasn't in the mood of eating chocolate stuff. But judging from my family's responses, my niece and my brother had second (and he's not a big fan of chocolate either), I think I did a pretty good job (self-appraisal :)) .

Oh and by the way, I experimented with different decoration for chocolate cake with the mini version. Hmm....I think I should let the chocolate sheet cover up the whole cake rather than leaving a space in the middle. I'll try that next time.


Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to try the mini version and it was delicious. A very nice combination of flavors and not too sweet. Excellent job!

Snooky doodle said...

these cakes look delicious apart from so so nice