Potato Donut

When I checked the weather last week, it turned out that Bay Area would be hit by a heat wave for a couple of days. It wasn't so bad in general, it's only 90-100 degree F. So, before the heat wave strike, I was so excited planning to make something that involved yeast. Something like bread or donuts. It feels like forever since the last time I made something with yeast. I checked my yeast supply and some of them expired already. As weird as it may sound, I couldn't wait that finally hot and humid weather is here. You see, yeast can only live in a hot and humid air. During winter, I rarely succeeded making something yeast-y. So as much as I want to bake some bread, I have to wait until summer comes. In a bakery, they usually have something like dough proofer, or humidifier, or warmer to proof the dough.

So, I decided to try out a new recipe for potato donuts. It's not like the whole dough is made out of potato, it's just that some amount of mashed potato added for texture. It's not the same as the donut that you normally get at a donut shop, the texture of potato donut is more like bread, although not quite. I have a recipe that I usually use, but I felt a little adventurous at that time.

My nephew and niece liked it so much, especially my niece. She asked for it for breakfast and afternoon snack. This is the picture before I put anything on it. I actually put three toppings for these donuts, the classic powdered sugar, shredded cheese spread, and chocolate sprinkles/chocolate rice, but they're all gone before I had a chance to snap a picture out of it.

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