Mini Japanese Cheesecake (JCC - Part 1)

I've been wanting to make something for my co-workers at work. I used to bring something at work quite often, but not for the past couple of months. Besides, most people in my team that I'm working closely with are new, so I would like to give them something as a nice gesture.

I immediately thought of JCC. It's simple, yet still looks fancy, especially if you decorate it with fresh fruits. Besides, I just bought a couple of mini 4-in springform pan and I couldn't wait to use it. So, yesterday was my first time using it. I loved everything about small desserts. Somehow they just look better and more inviting. The only thing I hate about them is the washing part. Instead of washing one bottom and the side part, I had to repeat it seven times and it wasn't very fun. But, after seeing the cute little cheesecake, although I still hate the washing part, I think they're worth it.

I gave two of them to my friends, two for each my nephew and my niece (can you believe that they can finish it by themselves??!!! and they're only 2.5 and 5 years old), and the rest for my co-workers.
I had to buy a couple of different fruits just for these and I still have lots of leftover at home. I was thinking of making another set of theseto give to some other people too.

Here are the close looks for some of them


Anonymous said...

I just ran across your page looking for different ideas for cream puff designs. These are very beautiful and instead I think I'm going to use your designs for my classic fruit tartlettes if you don't mind.

Bertha said...

I just saw your comment after a month :(. sorry, I wish I know how to get a notification everytime there's a new comment.

But anyways, you are very welcome to use the design and I really appreciate it that you asked :). I'm sure yours will look fabulous

Anonymous said...

How did you adjust the baking time for the minis as compared to a large individual cake

Bertha said...

Anonymous: I don't remember timing it, I just baked it until it is brown on the top and spongy when lightly pressed.